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    Bridge Program for Adolescents & Teens

    The Bridge program is a community based IBHP (Intensive Behavior Health Program) sponsored by Project Healing Hive (PHH). This program provides holistic-based mental health therapies and social services to adolescents and teens experiencing non-crisis emotional and behavioral challenges. We specialize in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) integrated with evidence-based CAM (complementary and alternative medicine).

    CAM included in our Bridge Program

    • Meditation and Mindfulness
    • Nutritional Counseling & Cooking Lessons
    • Ecotherapy (outdoor nature & apiary therapy)
    • Yoga & Qigong 
    • Expressive Art & Music
    • Peer Support & Mentoring 

    CAM research findings are leading to many safe, effective, and affordable nonpharmacological approaches for maintaining optimal well-being and treating specific psychiatric disorders like anxiety, ADHD, depression, and PTSD. 

    The Bridge Program is a way to “bridge” the gap between standard model CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and CAM (complementary and alternative medicine). By integrating evidenced-based CAM modalities with a comprehensive prevention and screening process.

    We provide mental health treatment education with families/guardians and discuss the range of no-pharmacological modalities used in mental health care providing options for treatment. PHH is committed to improving mental health care by advancing an agenda for evidence-based uses of CAM through research, education, direct service, and training.


    Program will run Monday thru Thursday from 3:30pm to 6:30pm during the school year. Summer hours TBD. View a sample schedule for Bridge below.

    *Project Healing Hive’s Better-Aid Program is available for qualifying individuals*. This is a mental health financial assistance program available to those without insurance or under insured. To apply for this program, click here.