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    Education Partners

    PHH is honored to partner with Yoga Terapeutica, to bring trauma informed yoga, social equality yoga and mindfulness trainings. Our mission is to promote an inclusive community through movement, mindfulness & dialogue. We prioritize wellness for individuals who are most impacted by both historic & present day power imbalances. Trainings will address trauma and it’s impact on the body, social justice in yoga, ancient philosophies, history, practice, neuroscience, body mechanics, and ethics.​

    Individuals will be empowered with knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of yoga tradition while integrating alternative and natural ways of interconnection identify the anatomy of main asanas, their risks and benefits while building a safe, trauma informed practices.


    Meet the IYMS faculty...

    Lorena Saavedra-Smith

    Program Director | E-RTY500, CYT, YACEP

    Lorena is a Holistic Coach, Yoga Therapist, Mindfulness Guide and Keeper of Peruvian Ancient Medicine Wisdom. As an expert in trauma informed and grief care, Lorena has been sharing therapeutic applications and her commitment to holistic and integrated health in Spanish and English for nearly two decades. Presently, she is pursuing a master’s degree in Holistic Psychology.

    She is a mental health advocate, and her greatest passion is to mentor and support others’ paths, especially those recovering from traumatic events associated with assimilation and immigration journeys. She currently has a private practice that allows her to work with individual cases and small groups, and lives in the Washington DC area with her husband, a recently retired US Navy Officer.

    “Avoid to settle trying to be someone else, make the effort to invest in being yourself”



    Kristen Morris-Yehiel

    Trauma Informed 200hr E-RYT, Yoga Therapist, Certified Peer Support Counselor, and AFPA Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

    Kristen is the Founder and Executive Director of Project Healing Hive and is also in long-term recovery from disordered eating and Complex PTSD (she is a mental health advocate with a voice). Breaking the stigma around holistic and alternative therapies by creating systems that provide services and education that support community growth.

    “Yoga is most effective when practiced off the mat” – Kristen

    Mykola Webster

    Faculty | M.Ed., CTY, RYT-500

    Mykola, is a life long student of yoga and then a teacher. Her background of extensive travel and living in Costa Rica while working at a Yoga and Wellness Retreat Center, has allowed her to serve a variety of individuals from all over the globe. She brings this international spirit to her students and to all who she meets. She holds a strong belief that through the breath we can do all things. In the stillness and quiet of the breath, one can find self, growth, and exploration. Additionally, as a Yoga Therapist, Mykola allows the therapeutics of yoga to holistically connect individuals into their inner most self. Setting the stage for deep self introspection.

    “There is no life without yoga, yoga is life. Sat Nam” – Mykola


    Erika Murcia

    Faculty | Global curandera and holds a MSW from the University of Michigan. She is a certified yoga teacher and mindfulness coach.

    Erika is passionate about community building and embodies a decolonizing healing practice as a guardian of poetic storytelling. Her ancestral wisdom and traditions are rooted in indigenous, multiracial Mesoamerican, European lineages. Born in Honduras in a refugee camp and raised in the mountains of Chalatenango, El Salvador, Erika is a nomadic spirit that follows indigenous medicines and Sacred Feminine Mythology and Women’s Spirituality.

    Erika has more than a decade of experience and facilitated over 100 workshops in various countries in Latino America and the global community. Her focus is to guide others to reclaim their creative intuitive power through embodied ancestral practices. She believes that every human being has the power to sustain their wellbeing while healing with Mother Earth.


    Linda Natera

    Faculty | Certified Ayurvedic Counselor, a Yoga Teacher in multiple modalities and Mindful Grieving facilitator.

    Linda was born in Veracruz, México. A coastal city where from a very young age she learned to appreciate nature, culture and the deep bonds that unite family and community. She believes that yoga is a practice that can benefit everyone, regardless of physical ability, size, gender, age, language or economic backgrounds. As the founder of the nonprofit Sana Yoga in Austin TX, she brings accessible yoga, empowerment, health, wellness and healing to the Latinx and other marginalized communities that have been traditionally excluded from these teachings. Through the “Elements of Ayurveda 512” she also focuses on promoting simple and practical lifestyle changes through traditional Ayurvedic principles and practices for a modern lifestyle. Her goal is to remove the barriers that the community faces when making the decision to prioritize their wellness.


    (Nonprofit growing support needed for mental health awareness and wellness opportunities within the Latinx community)

    Christine Love

    Faculty | Certified Yoga Teacher, Life and Career Coach.

    Christine has over 20 years in the education, mental health and medical field. She utilizes her experience to continue learning in community. Her work includes working with various age groups and communities including college students, medical community and trauma survivors. Christine is a YTT 500, professional counselor, trauma specialists, addiction specialists. She has spoken internationally and nationally about mind body interactions with trauma survivors, and mind and body impact on medical trauma. Christine is using her platform based on her own medical trauma and professional experiences. Christine utilizing the philosophy that the body talks even when our mouths are not moving. Healing takes many forms, listen for the soft whisper to share your healing path.